Affordable Fees
Phone:  (403) 309-7776
Our fee structure as outlined below is just a basic starting point. We can't outline all our available services in this space.
Please note that once your appointments are booked, your time slot is guaranteed. Therefore a 10% or 2 day deposit may be required for new accounts. Deposit is payable at time of booking, and the balance is payable on commencement of service. Cancellations are refundable with credit for future service (up to six months) and require 24 hours notice. Cancellation of part of a booked time period can not be refunded once service has started.
Pet and House Sitting:  Checking on pets, feed and water starting at:
GST is added to all charges.
Any other requests can be discussed and negotiated.
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$15 per visit.
$17 per visit, 2 dogs.
$5  added for each additional pets over 2
$17 for Dog Walking, approximately 1/2 hour.  Each additional dog is $10.
$5 for Indoor Plant watering (as per requested times).
$15 for Outdoor Potted Plant Watering (as per requested times).  Watering gardens are negotiable, but not usually done due to the excessive time requirement.
$20 for Pet Taxi
$5 for Superbox Mail pickup.
(Items in the Mailbox on your house is gathered and put in your home at no cost.)
$50 to shave your cat (done in my home, unless special request for your pets stress health).  Kitty must be agreeable to proceedure.
$25 for nail clipping, wing trimming, and general care requests (done in your home).
$8.50 Holiday rate added to regular rate for Statutory Holidays.
$15 Initial visit to meet customer